Local: 1-000-000-000 | TOLL FREE: 1-000-000-000


SO WHATS NEW?  We look at the building industry from a manufacturing viewpoint instead of a construction viewpoint. This is the essence of the efficiencies derived thereof.


These are not necessarily real estate projects; they could be schools, hospitals, offices….anything which make financial sense for your plot of land in case of a greenfield project

 Our fees are linked to project revenue. So we earn if the project earns.

Our services are inherently linked to a very robust implementation strategy, often by use of products that we have developed or otherwise.

As we stay involved with you till the operations stage, the implementation plan is always very real and based on ground realities. These are not standalone ‘feasibility studies’ or ‘best used studies’. How can anyone write such reports if one doesn’t stay involved till the end?